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Tire selection??

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Well I am researching new tires and am looking at Firestone Destination MTs an d ATs, Toyo Open country ATs, Procomp ATs, and BFG AT KOs. I have run the Destination MTs(33x12.5x15) on my Explorer for a couple of years now and loave them. They are the best all around tire I have ever owned but I have never put them on something heavy like my 02 F250. The one thing that worries me with the MTs is milage. Has anybody switched to Mts from ATs and notice a drop in MPG? Also, I am planning on a cross country trip next year that will include towing my explorer. I am looking to get
305/70/R16s E rated. I have also had BFG AT/KOs and was not impressed with them, but they only stayed on for about a year before switching to the Dest MTs. Any thoughts on any of these and the MPG impact with MT type tires?
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