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My truck threw 2 codes today..

"P0473 exhaust pressure sensor high" Wondering what this is anybody know?

And the other code was a P1728 Transmission Slip
Seems the truck slips a little bit between the 3-4shift into Overdrive. Not surprised really tranny has 214,000 miles on it and I use it for towing.. But it seems to only slip when overdrive is on not when overdrive is off and only happens on the 3-4 shift. Also sometimes the Overdrive light will flash and not allow me to switch overdrive on or off jus sits there and flash Im assuming from the code being thrown about the tranny slip.]

Im gonna rebuild the tranny soon it's about that time and now it's slipping so.. Anyone know what a decent price would be to rebuild the tranny? E4OD tranny with a banks transcommand on it.

I got a friend that does Transmission work but I wanna make sure I am in the right price range for a rebuild.

Thanks in advance.
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