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Thinking Of Doing A Bunch Of Maintenance Upgrades To My 1995 F350

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Hey guys,

I have a 1995 F350 that is having an injector failure again. 260k miles on stock injectors. I use the truck to tow my race car and want to make sure it is good an reliable. My trailer is about 10k lbs. I am pretty mechanically inclined I build all my own race cars. I've done valve jobs, headgaskets, engine replacements, subframe replacements. A little bit of everything. However I have never done any work on a diesel engine. After watching some videos and reading some guides ( I think it is manageable to do all these jobs myself. Do I need any special tools for any of this? Obviously diesel injectors are quite different then fuel injectors, is there some special information I need? Any tips before placing an order?

I was looking specifically at these parts with the help of their tech team:
Injector SetAlliant Power 94.5-03 7.3L Reman AC Injectors - ALLP-7001-PP
Turbo Wheel/Rebuild
Valve Cover Gasket
Injector/Glow HarnessFORD UVC Injector & Glow Plug Harness 7.3L 94.5-97 OBS - F4TZ9D930K
Hydra Chip Tuner

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On side note does anyone know a place in canada to buy this stuff that is reputable ?
I am on the east coast. Specifically Leamington Ontario.
I ended up buying the tuner transmission cooler and AC injectors from CNC Fab. It was definitely a pretty involved process but I carefully followed the steps and after bleeding the system I had my truck running again in just a couple minutes. This has completely solved all my running issues. It feels like a brand new truck again! Extremely happy with the result.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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