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Need some more info on truck. Ext cab? 4WD? F250 or 350? (ext cab.-250, long bed crew-350 short bed crew-250. reg. cab could be either) If you have 13k, you can do whatever you want. If I had 13k, I would start with a dana 60 swap with SD springs and 3" rsk kit with SD springs in the rear also, then intercooler, guages, 3down pipe, tymar intake, new clutch D66 turbo, stage 2 injectors, upgraded fuel system, TW chip, then head studs. some nice tires and wheels, and then redo the interior and you used about 8 grand (more if you get all of the work done) and have a nicer than new truck that has 450 HP.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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