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The Dixie Strokers Feb 2011 target practice GTG

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We are planning to have a GTG at my place Feb. 26 2011.
As of now we plan to have a target range setup and plan to waste a lot of lead .
Of course we can jaw jack and look at trucks and grill out.
I will have my camper setup for bathroom facilities if anyone has a distaste for getting intimate with pine trees.
I will set up a shooting lane with targets at various ranges from very close to around 500 yards or more, whatever yall want.

My place;
Oakes Rd - Google Maps

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No problem, anyone is welcome to show up unannounced or not. I plan to get enough food for everyone and then some.
I got the 30' trailer parked ready to use as a shooting table and I got 6 sets of old steel gym lockers set up ad various distances like 50yd, 100yd, 200yd, 300yd, 500yd, and around 800yd to tape paper targets to.
My measuring wheel tool broke so I had to step it off but it should be close.
I also got some orange cones setup marking the right and left boundaries of the safe shooting lane.
Tomorrow I got to trim some trees on the fence line so we can see the over 200yd targets clearly.
I got to setup some pistol targets too.

Here is a link to google maps for anyone who needs it;
34.537823, -86.613511 - Google Maps
I'm going to try to make it, but this week has been out of control at work. Not sure how today is going to finish out, but I hope to get down there, I just don't know for sure I be able to get away.

I want to be there though, that's for sure.
I hate to say this, but I cant make it. So stuff with my Grandmother has come up. Nothing health wise.
Well it looks like I'll be ridin down that way. Things worked out for the best I guess, so count me in!

I had a video of the tannerite[sp] going off but got deleted some how in the shuffle. These last pics are of the lockers after it was set off. Not the best at taking pics, and probably should have got pics of the people more than the guns. Too much shock and awe I guess. The neighbors even started their own practice, wasn't much comparison though. Frog was a great host and we all had fun, except the ducks. All I can say if you missed it, you lost out on great target practice, food, and hearing loss. I believe we all got some sunburn and I got my ******* look back.
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Frog will have to tell you how many boxes of skeet were destroyed and the amount of brass and empty shells were left on the ground. Miss Melody fed us well.
Oouch, my shoulder hurts.
To me the impressive part of the day was consistently hitting the 600yd target with the antique mosin nagant and iron sites! But the tannerite was fun too.
I think we went through 3 or 4 cases of skeet with at least a 90% kill rate.
Wow, looks like fun. Sorry I couldn't make this one guys. Look forward to the next opportunity
Went to 2 walmarts this weekend and both were out of gun oil, Grrrh!
Frog is the man. It was a great day. I don't now who had more fun those of us firing hundreds of rounds downrange or the kids on the golfcart!!! Yeah I need to check on a nagant that gun impressed me with all the open sight 600 yard shots we made.
Frog, did we lose any ducks? Toward the end one looked awful close to meeting his maker. and something tells me you need more than gun oil. I bet all that brass and hulls on the ground.Jk That was too much fun.
Hey frog did you check the 600 yd lockers to see how many of the last shots made it?
We have found no duck carcases as of yet.
I have not been out to the 600yd one yet but a couple of the other guys went out there and they said there were 9 or 10 holes in it.
My brother in law (tall skinny light haired guy) went that evening and bought him one of those Nagants.
Hey Frog went to my local gun shop yesterday and low and behold there sat an Nagant. He's got them for $120.00 with the accessories. Not to bad but while I was there I found a deal on a 1911 like I've been looking for. When I fired the one that belonged to your friend (Keith I think) that day at the "range" I was hooked. I have been wanting one for a while but it wasnt a priority. Now it is! Think I'll get it next week.
Yea the gun store in Huntsville, Larry's, has them for $95 with the bag of accessories or $245 for 3 with the accessories. Since the target practice day I know of at least 5 that were bought because of that day.
You can get the Mosin online from AIM Surplus Home for like $70 and have it shipped to an FFL dealer. That is also my favorite place to get ammo!
Larry's also had the Taurus two tone 1911 with all the bells and whistles on sale for $450, I almost bought one but I already got 2 45's and I had to have that Judge.
Too many guns, not enough time and money!
Im glad yall had a good time. Im really upset I missed it.
It was a good day, hope your grandmother is better. Next time since you didn't show you can shoot one of Frogs "green" shells for 12 ga. :hehe:
She is fine. Just having vehicle troubles and needed someone to be around if she got stranded.

Green shells you say. High brass? Turkey load? Buck shot? Something bad *** and illegal?
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