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The Dixie Strokers Feb 2011 target practice GTG

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We are planning to have a GTG at my place Feb. 26 2011.
As of now we plan to have a target range setup and plan to waste a lot of lead .
Of course we can jaw jack and look at trucks and grill out.
I will have my camper setup for bathroom facilities if anyone has a distaste for getting intimate with pine trees.
I will set up a shooting lane with targets at various ranges from very close to around 500 yards or more, whatever yall want.

My place;
Oakes Rd - Google Maps

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Do you know anybody with a set of atv ramps you can borrow???

Also on a side note are any of yall bringing a spouse or G/F??? Don't know if my wife wants to come or if jealousy(truck stuff) is getting the best of her?
No wife or G/F for me.:hehe:
My wife said she was coming and I think Keith’s wife is coming too.
My wife had a great idea yesterday.
She suggested that instead of us cooking she will order from a local BBQ joint called Lawlers and go get it and deliver it to us at noon. She said that way we would have more time for fun and wouldn't have to take time out to mess with cooking.
We are thinking about getting turkey and pork and potato salad and bbq beans and a couple jugs of Milos tea and cokes.
That sound good to everyone???

Oh and I think she plans to drop a few rounds down range too;

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That sounds good to me. How much is that going to cost?

I had an idea for the longer range stuff:

Little propane canister + fire + .308 = boom! :hehe:
BBQ sound good to me. I'll be glad to pay my part, that way easier than cooking any day. Wifes only been out of a cast for three days now(broke her foot @ Thanksgiving) i think she still has some cabin fever, she might spend more time in a chair but well see. She used to be good at skeet but its been awhile. Where I live propane + boom = nosey neighbors!!!
Where I live propane + boom = nosey neighbors!!!
Thats why I love living in the country. :nod:
BBQ sounds fine to me just let us know what we owe. Let me know on when you need to number of people by so I can pin my buddy on where he's coming or not.
Aint gonna cost a thing, the wife said she is going to treat us all.
Like I said before, just bring guns, ammo, and any beverages of choice.
I figure about Wednesday of that week we can look at the weather forecast and make sure its a go then get a head count.

I got a 20 pack of tannerite ordered for the long range shots, should come in this week.
:bang2: :shoot: :smiley_uzi: :rod: :wall: :Shoot2: :50cal: :gun: :ar15: :hunter:
Hell yeah Frog! :rockwoot:
Looking forward to making it, should be fun.
Watched the Top Shot season 1 marathon sat off and on, then watched first episode of season two last night. I ready to burn some powder!!!!! Hope the weather holds and nothing comes up.
Crap. I wanted to watch Top Shot.

Its getting closer!
Got a package in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:drool: Have you tried it out yet?
Naw, havent had time yet, hopefully tomorrow!
Two weeks!
I hope the weather next weekend is like its been this week.
What are the chances of that, today was real nice here!

I think I might have to cut out the tannerite. Dad is having some issues worrying about the county cops coming out and making trouble. He suggested that I move it to the back pasture but I think that would be a real pain so I am going to try and pacify him with reducing the explosions.
I suggest inviting them to pacify them, lot less likely to fuss if they're participating.
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