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The Dixie Strokers Feb 2011 target practice GTG

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We are planning to have a GTG at my place Feb. 26 2011.
As of now we plan to have a target range setup and plan to waste a lot of lead .
Of course we can jaw jack and look at trucks and grill out.
I will have my camper setup for bathroom facilities if anyone has a distaste for getting intimate with pine trees.
I will set up a shooting lane with targets at various ranges from very close to around 500 yards or more, whatever yall want.

My place;
Oakes Rd - Google Maps

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Sounds like fun! Google maps says 150mi or 3hrs. Long way to go, but its a month and a half away well see.
Last weekend I went and shot my Sendero with my new BDC scope that I got for X-mas. While I was there I put a few thru the 10/22, the single six and the mark II. 10/22 scope was off a little, tried to get rid of a stray eating my dogs food and wound up wounding it instead and it ran off, couldn't find it. Shouldn't have that problem anymore!
Another rule we have is unless you are actively shooting no loaded firearms, and open chambers. That way if someone else handles it there wont be an "accident".
Going out on a limb here, what is tannerite? Never heard of it, don't know?:dunno:
Cool video. Did I understand him right, anyone can buy it? If so where???? Is it a surplus store thing or what?
Great info, thanks. This is something I could get into.
I am still gonna try to get away and come down for this but its still to early to tell. I've got a brand new box of .40 sitting in the safe that I don't have a use for, I'll bring it and trade it to somebody for a box of something I can use.
Yep, they will be there, I'm sure we will have to test drive a couple of them too.
Here is the latest list of tractors on the farm;
1947 JD A
1948 JD A
1951 JD MT
1956 JD 60
2000 JD 4700

JD 4010D
JD 4020D
JD 3020D
JD 1010
JD 4430
IH 856 custom
Ford 9600
Ford 8N
Belarus 405AN
Did ya'll ever have any of them in Selmer Tn. for the Cars for Kids show before it was canceled?
If you come down would you want to do some Bootleggin' for me?
Depends how much you want. Do I need a trailer???
We dont have to post the good stuff :hehe:
Are you going to ban video???:rofl:
No trailer needed. I just want a case of Fat Tire.
Looks like Memphis has it now. I'll see if I can find it closer to me before the G2G.
Don't sweat it yet, let me see what I can come up with.
Hey Frog, is there a low spot I can back into and unload the 4 wheeler from the bed?
Do you know anybody with a set of atv ramps you can borrow???

Also on a side note are any of yall bringing a spouse or G/F??? Don't know if my wife wants to come or if jealousy(truck stuff) is getting the best of her?
BBQ sound good to me. I'll be glad to pay my part, that way easier than cooking any day. Wifes only been out of a cast for three days now(broke her foot @ Thanksgiving) i think she still has some cabin fever, she might spend more time in a chair but well see. She used to be good at skeet but its been awhile. Where I live propane + boom = nosey neighbors!!!
Watched the Top Shot season 1 marathon sat off and on, then watched first episode of season two last night. I ready to burn some powder!!!!! Hope the weather holds and nothing comes up.
Not a bad idea better to let them do it there than confiscate it and do it later on there on.
Well one week. :woot:What time is everything going to start happening?
Now that's what I'm talking about. I can try to be there about 9 or 10, looks to be about a 2 1/2 hr drive for me. Don't have alot of ammo, I'm mostly coming to talk and meet everybody.
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