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The Dixie Strokers Feb 2011 target practice GTG

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We are planning to have a GTG at my place Feb. 26 2011.
As of now we plan to have a target range setup and plan to waste a lot of lead .
Of course we can jaw jack and look at trucks and grill out.
I will have my camper setup for bathroom facilities if anyone has a distaste for getting intimate with pine trees.
I will set up a shooting lane with targets at various ranges from very close to around 500 yards or more, whatever yall want.

My place;
Oakes Rd - Google Maps

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It is around 2.5 hours for me. Not bad at all.
Does anyone have a clay thrower? I have one I can borrow if nobody has one
My buddies that I can get is bolted on a tire.
I got a cheap hand thrower, I aint much good at it but my buddies swear they like the hand thrower better than their tire mounted spring throwers.
I need to order some more ammo!!!
I hope the weather cooperates!
No matter which thrower we use, I am still going to miss :hehe:

Im got to stock up on .40, .223, .22 and 12g. Dont know if I am going to bring the Rifles.

No one say the "R" word!
Damn, this could get expensive!!!!
Dont remind me. :doh:
That would be awesome.
My AIM shopping cart is currently over $600!!!
Just add 70k to that and call it a day

Factory Engraved 100th Anniversary Colt 1911 : Semi-auto at
I wish we could open carry. I would be a lot less of a hassle for me.
Have you seen the belt buckle .22lr pistols?
I wonder how that would fit into the open carry / concealed carry laws?
Either way it is now high on my list of must haves.

I don't think you have to have a permit if it is unloaded and inside a box or case or whatever and in the trunk or back of the truck. I aint sure about the exact rules and since I carry I just keep my permit up to date. In Morgan County it is plastic with a pic and looks kinda like a drivers license. Several years ago I went to the Sheriffs office, asked for one, filled out a one page form, got my pic snapped and walked out with it $20 lighter. Now they send me a notice in the mail every year, I send them a $20 check and they send me a new one with the same old pic. Plum stupid if you ask me.
I figure if you have a shirt over that buckle it would be concealed.

Here in St. Clair it is $15 dollars. No pic or anything, just name and address etc... I also get a letter in the mail. Mail them a check and they mail me my permit.
I went and shot today. Yesterday as well :D
PMs have been sent to all of the active members. Ill send some more when it is closer to the date.
No problem. I hope to see a good turn out at this.
No spotting scope here, but I do have a 3-12x56 on my Steyr.

What do I/We need to bring?
Sounds like a winner.
All shooting range rule need be applied :nod:
Agreed :nod:
It explodes when you shoot it. Google it or look it up on youtube.
I want to set some of that stuff up at 500 yards. :nod:
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