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The Dixie Strokers Feb 2011 target practice GTG

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We are planning to have a GTG at my place Feb. 26 2011.
As of now we plan to have a target range setup and plan to waste a lot of lead .
Of course we can jaw jack and look at trucks and grill out.
I will have my camper setup for bathroom facilities if anyone has a distaste for getting intimate with pine trees.
I will set up a shooting lane with targets at various ranges from very close to around 500 yards or more, whatever yall want.

My place;
Oakes Rd - Google Maps

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I got a cheap hand thrower, I aint much good at it but my buddies swear they like the hand thrower better than their tire mounted spring throwers.
I need to order some more ammo!!!
I hope the weather cooperates!
I will mostly shoot my Rem nylon 66 .22 rifle and my Ruger 22/45 pistol. I got to save my real ammo for when the Chinese decided to collect on the debt.
I know I can't help myself and I will have to drop a couple hundred rounds of 7.62 and .223
I will probably stop at 50-75 12 gauge, that crap hurts!
I will have to blow a hundred rounds or so of 45acp through my brand new baby to stress test it, and a few 380 to keep the pocket pistol loosened up.
I might break down and get me a Judge by then so I'll have to pop off a few boxes of 410.
I'll have to check the scope on the 30-30 with a few rounds at 150yds
I may pick up another case of 20ga to ease the pain of shattering skeets.
Damn, this could get expensive!!!!
I think I "need" to get one (or two) of these.
Korean AK 75rd Drum Magazine
My AIM shopping cart is currently over $600!!!
Holy batsht!!!

It is amazing that the 1911 is as good as it is AND it is hundred year old technology. As far as I am concerned there has never before or after been a better pistol, just hard to conceal, BTW, why in the heck do we have to conceal, I wish I could strap my 1911 on my side and go about my day! I bet there would be far less crime and ignorance.
I wish we could open carry. I would be a lot less of a hassle for me.
Have you seen the belt buckle .22lr pistols?
I wonder how that would fit into the open carry / concealed carry laws?
Either way it is now high on my list of must haves.

This won't hurt me nowhere near as bad as you guys. I might bring 2-3 guns, if that. I will have to get a permit to bring the pistols, as I've never had one. My hardest thing will be the 4 wheeler.
I don't think you have to have a permit if it is unloaded and inside a box or case or whatever and in the trunk or back of the truck. I aint sure about the exact rules and since I carry I just keep my permit up to date. In Morgan County it is plastic with a pic and looks kinda like a drivers license. Several years ago I went to the Sheriffs office, asked for one, filled out a one page form, got my pic snapped and walked out with it $20 lighter. Now they send me a notice in the mail every year, I send them a $20 check and they send me a new one with the same old pic. Plum stupid if you ask me.
Thanks Goose
I already have at least 3 guys that aren't on the net wanting to come, two of them drive powerstrokes, the other is my cousin and says he wants to bring a few pounds of tannerite!!

Does anyone have a high power spotting scope they can bring to reduce the number of times we have to stop live fire so someone can go down range to check targets?
Bring ammo, and anything else you may want, I don't mind adult beverages as long as we use common sense and don't get too drunk to reload.
I plan to go buy a couple cases of cokes and hamburger patties and hot dogs and buns and condiments and such. I will have my small gas camping grill and might borrow grandpas big gas grill. The microwave and stove in the camper will also be available.
I am not much of a cook so if any of yall want to volunteer to do the cooking then please speak up, I will be more than happy to supply it if someone else wants to cook it.

I bought a spotting scope yesterday and 450 rds of 12ga.
I still need to order some more stuff. I got to get some tannerite too!
I am going to wait until a couple days before hand to go out and set up all the targets so I can check the weather forecast. I figure if it is too cold and raining then we will have to postpone.

I plan to park the 30' GN trailer sideways and use it as a shooting table and place to lay our toys out and as a barrier from the safe side and dangerous side of the filed/range. I also plan to set out some large orange construction cones to mark the left and right boundaries of where it is safe to shoot.
I want to make sure we do this safely. It is always a little disconcerting to me whenever I shoot with people who I haven't shot with before.
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Yes, as soon as you get done shooting unload and open the weapon then lay it on the trailer muzzle pointing down range. Before anyone goes down range we must make sure all weapons are unloaded, open and laid down or put away.
All shooting range rule need be applied :nod:
except for tannerite, and maybe an adult beverage or two.
I found some rules on the net and edited them slightly;

Shooting Range Rules
1.** *Safety Lights “Off”= Line is hot, safe to shoot
2.** Lights “Flashing”= Line is cold, completely unload & bench firearm, step away from the benches
3.** ABSOLUTELY NO GUN HANDLING WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE FLASHING!! This includes loading magazines, adjusting sights or scopes, and swabbing muzzleloaders.
4.** Make sure that everyone has “made safe” before going down range.
5.** Be courteous to fellow shooters by not turning the lights on every couple of shots, spotting scopes and binoculars are in the office.
6.** All loading/unloading is done from the shooting benches with the firearms pointed safely down range.
8.** No handling firearms behind the firing lines.
15. Children must be in direct supervision by a parent at all times (no running around the range or firing line)
18. In the event of a malfunction that the shooter is unable to clear, bench the firearm and notify a range officer to come to the line.* No loaded guns in the office.
19. Report any unsafe behavior immediately.
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Cool video. Did I understand him right, anyone can buy it? If so where???? Is it a surplus store thing or what?
Exploding Rifle Targets Shop Tannerite Exploding Targets Official Website
From what I have read basically it is aluminum powder and ammonia nitrate in a 95-5 mixture with a few other minor ingredients. Totally legal and anyone can buy it, even on eBay, mailed in normal mail, new product, not surplus of any kind. I plan to try the store bought stuff first then learn how to make my own because of the costs.
I plan to have a few cans of it at 250, 500, and 750 yards at the GTG.
I ordered a 20 jar 1/2 lb kit the other day.
I got my 75rd drum in for the AK today along with a few thousand more rounds or AK and 45.
One of the things on my list of stuff I need is a long range sniper rifle. I don't have any long rand guns at all. Best I got is the 30/30 or the AR. I want a good 500+ yard gun.
I plan to setup one area for pistols, one area for shotguns and skeet, and the center area for rifles from 50yd up to around 750yd, I got to go and measure the second filed and clear out some of the fence line between the first and second filed for the real long shots. I will mark the yardage at each set of targets.
I plan to setup large red highway cones at the left and right side of the safe rifle shooting zone about 100 yds out.
Who's gonna volunteer to do the cooking?
I will supply the meat and buns and stuff.
I will also have a cooler of cokes and water, I'd say if anyone wants any "other" beverages then they should bring them.
Other than that bring guns and ammo!

I just got done ordering a 440rd spam can of 7.62x54r for the wife's new Mosin Nagant riffle.
Wouldn't hurt, all I have is a hand thrower and I aint real good with it.
I got right at 1,000 12ga and 150 20ga, I need to get some more. I don't like having less than 1,000 rds of any ammo at any time.
Walmart had the 100rd packs on sale for $21 and the 250rd boxes for like $55 last time I checked.

I wish I could bribe Whit into coming and cooking for us, the food he cooked at the Moody park GTG was great!
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