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I don't do, or not do, research because I give a crap what people think. I do it for my own knowledge. Take it or leave it, I don't care. But I think you know that about me already. And I look forward to that thread. >:)

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we'll see how this goes... Im thankful for nighthawk tearing down stuff and sending parts out and sharing the results. With that being said. When a 6.0l has fairly bad and noticeable injector stiction AND has a good maintenance record oil every 5-6k fuel every 12k ish for 78k miles. Then I notice the stiction one morning when I start it up and get a quote for new injector plus labor (I wasn't inclined at the time and due to the military didn't have the free time then), I probably dealt with it for a couple of months due to my nature of always over analyzing irrelevant but in my mind related threads and claims from companies etc. I started reading about polishing this part blah blah seemed kind of difficult to me at my experience and someone recommends I try archoil and showed me a video of the injector be and after adding the fluid had me convinced that: It was cheap enough, and wouldn't cause any damage at least.

I waited for the snake oil and thought about whether it was worth it, would it work, I hoped it would work at least lol. About a week later the little bottle arrived and I had already changed the oil and left some out for the additive, poured her in and started. NOTHING the injector stiction was still there. I didn't know how long, or if I just risked my oil system...

maybe 1-200 miles later I start it up and its gone... weather was basically the same, it was colder January in the Bay area. I put 40k more miles on the truck and only used the archoil once more after that and then tried the next two oil changes just with my usual. Regular delo 15w-40 from walmart and the motorcraft filter.

Sorry for the long read but the stuff worked for me and the new owner has never had issues with the injectors since I did in 2013. So is it enough evidence for me yes... for others no and maybe not. But I only ran it twice and would only use it for a similar situation.

so take it with a grain of salt I like a little bit of snake oil for my situation but it may not really work and it could of been something up with my truck.

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I was curious about the flash point and potential deposits from burning the 9100
which it seems was not the result
I am unsure that even in a 2 stroke, wear would be minimal at 500 miles :dunno:
glad it seems to reduce deposits or at least not increase them
again if my oil hits 410 degrees I have bigger issues than archoil can address.

also I agree with patriot you cant win everyone over in any study but you can at least take it as an indication.
I would like to see both engine taken further without the benefit of new parts and see what effect the deposits or lack there of has on tolerances and wear.
followed by the addition of archoil IF the other engine shows greater wear form deposits as i expect it would then testing IF the archoil tends to clean up the deposits and the effect of the now cleaner engine would the slop tolerance come into play.
meaning would the removal of deposits create more blow by or allow for more movement increasing wear in the long run. if I am expressing that properly
i have never seen a study and always wondered what the out come of improved maintenance on a previously neglected or dirty motor.
I assume there is a point to which cleaning it up is beneficial and beyond which it could be detrimental but I have never seen a study on how bad it needs to be or if that is even fact

the more i try to make my point the murkier the water gets at present so I shall stop here :look:

also Nick thanks for the time and effort you are putting into this and I in no way mean to hijack your testing parameters, just expressing my own curiosity of end results.
especially as my own 6.0was hammered when I bought it and the full rebuild did not happen as my funds were diverted elsewhere. and then some.
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