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Top Gun Customz attended the Xtreme Off-Road Racing event in Jellico TN on July 17th and 18th. The action was fast paced and at the end of the day, seconds made the difference. It all amounted to the difference between the shift of the clutch or the finesse of the throttle. The driver's ability to make a split second decision determined the outcome. The racers had to rely on their skill in picking the right line rather than simply throttling through. If they drove too aggressively they may very well end up cage down like you will see in some of the pictures....

Top Gun Customz was there the whole weekend to see the fast paced, carnage filled racing that is XORRA. The wide-open action is as much fun for the spectators as it is for the drivers. Check out our link to the Top Gun Customz Photo Gallery for a ton of images of this crazy event! :thumb:

To view alot more images of this event, check out our
Top Gun Customz Photo Gallery

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If you would like to know more about any of the components Top Gun Customz offers, check out our
Top Gun Customz Store

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