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For all of those who missed the Killer Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday . . . no worries, we're extending the super sale with Terrific Tuesday (Go ahead and laugh, needed a "T" name and my assistant said Terrific . . . running out of time, so I went with it).

No matter the name, it's still a sale just as good as those other days . . . so if you hovered over that "add to cart" button contemplating rent over an exhaust system, then regretted your missed chance at an awesome deal . . . this sale of Terrific Tuesday is for you!!!

And for members only, we're gonna hold this sale over until December 5th, giving you a chance to convince your wife that rent isn't THAT important.

Come on by and get the kit you've always wanted . . . there's no better time to save.

*** Disclaimer: OC DIESEL is indemnified and will be held harmless for any evictions or foreclosures due to deep discount purchases of it's customers, otherwise budgeted for rent or mortgage payments. ***
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