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As an avid car enthusiast, I monitor several websites regarding vehicle issues. Often times it is difficult to determine if complaints are valid because of unfamiliarity with technical or mechanical systems.

One of the sites I've found most helpful has been I've registered all of my personal vehicles with this site so I can be notified of issues, and I can monitor client complaints, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) or recalls.

I mention this only because I assume there are others on this site who, like myself, want this type of information without having to spend a great deal of time sifting through the many websites and posts to learn about issues with their vehicles. I also imagine that there are many owners, like myself, who are concerned that this newest technology from Ford has growing pains that may exhibit unanticipated issues which require the attention of a dealership for correction.

I would be most grateful to those who are aware of other similar sites to advise us all of other such sites that may have formal complaint registries so we may obtain information regarding documented issues and resolutions to issues that may pertain to this truck.

I greatly value the opinions and perspectives of owners and experts who frequent this site. I've learned a great deal about aftermarket options that has saved me money or helped me decide on which features I should install on my truck. I hope each of you realize the value of your participation in this community and in sharing it with those of us with far less technical knowledge.

Best regards,
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