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Ok gents, I have finally manned up and decided it's time to actually take the plunge into the world of vegi. I have located a couple great sources and have mapped out how I am going to filter it and feel confident in that part.

Now I have a couple guys I know that say that they can hook up a system on my truck that is home made.. they did it to a guys cummins down in FL and they think they can do it to my truck as well. But here's my question; I am getting an auxillary fuel tank to put in the truck. It's a 95g aluminum tank. Any type of corrosion I should be worried about? Also we are going to be heating the tank from my radiator with a couple coils in the tank.. anybody think I shouldnt do that?

Dumb common question: how quick do I need to change my fuel filter out? After 3 tanks or after the first?

Hopefully will start working on it this weekend if my motorcycle doesnt drag me out to the mountains... Thanks for all the input in advance!
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