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Tab broke off while changing fuel filter I believe it’s the top one, makes a gurgle sound sometimes ran just fine under load. What do I do!?

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I changed out my fuel filters for the first time I put the cap back on and right as it touched the other alignment tab it broke off it’s the tab that was on the unit above the fuel filter cap I don’t know how long my truck is supposed to make some kind of gurgling noises I Key on and off about a dozen times and went on a road test No issues other than when I put the key on engine off I can hear a gurgling I got underneath with a flashlight in an inspection mirror here are the results
Edit~ It seems that the alignment tab broke off I’m not sure how big of a gap that is or if it is sucking air what do you recommend my stress level is way over the top and this is my first diesel truck


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I'd feel along the two areas to see if you can feel a gap. Usually a gap means another bit of turning to get it to the correct seated position.

If you keep getting the noise, try to cycle the key a few more times. It happens to me depending on the day.

Don't stress, it's not that horrible. It can get better.
Thank you, update seems to be things are ok

I tore it all apart cleaned it looked inside and then re install with some grease to lube the install
Seems to be fine, wasn’t sure how long might here different sounds during priming
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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