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Synthetic Oil Leaks

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I am sure this has been discussed before, but I cannot find the answer. I am considering switching my 6.0 with 100k mi over to Synthetic Oil. I just purchased the truck and spent a lot of money on new injectors and bullet proofing. I would really like to protect my investment. I have been told that this may cause oil leaks I wish I had never had such as main seals etc....Does anybody have a real answer to this?
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The info you are hearing is OLD and BAD when it comes to this engine. Your injectors will thank you for making the switch to synthetic.
Thanks NYC F-350, I have heard that Synthetic is best option on a new or low mile engine, but not on a high mileage with sludge build up on seals. I really want to do this but I don't want to create problems...And I do understand how important the injector lubrication is.
Rob I don't know if you were talking about my post on the other sythetic thread, but I just to clear it up, we were talking about older engines with much larger tolerances/clearances. 6.0s love synthetic and those problems we were talking about don't really apply to newer engines. Hope this helps clear things up :thumb:
synthetic all the way youll be fine and the truck will be too. youll be glad you made the switch
I have been running the Motorcraft in mine since i bought it, should i switch over to Synthetic? I have just always heard that the Motorcraft is best.
I switched to T6 (synthetic) at 105k and did not experience any leaks....

I got mine with 115k on idea what was in it before, got synthetic in it now and no leaks on mine
I switched to full synthetic at 115K and I am at 120K now with no leaks. If anything I have noticed the truck running slightly smoother.
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