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!!!!!!Synthetic Oil and 2-Stroke Oil!!!!!!!!!

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I have a couple questions.

Has anybody had any problems switching from regular oil to full synthetic. I've heard rumors of people getting leaks from it, but I would think the problem just existed before and for some reason the synthetic made it more prevalent due to lower viscosities or different molecular structure such as why helium balloons loose air overtime because the atoms are so small they slip through.

Also, are there any benefits to running synthetic or would switching to 5W-40 suffice as a year round application. I live in Montana so temperature ranges from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and if I don't plug it in and it gets down to single digits it's a pain in the *** to start and sometimes doesn't.

Another thing is, I've heard of people running 2-stroke oil in their fuel. I understand the extra lubricity due to ULSD diesel now days, but how much do people add to a tank and do they notice any benefits.
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First of all the synthetic thing is pretty much a wives tale..

second 5w40 is great, year round for sure.

Two stroke is great for lubrication and i'd run it in the warmer weather obviously and diesel kleen in the cold weather IMO.
Synthetic oil IS better, because it is more sheer resistant and had more detergents in it so it will last longer and protect better.

It will NOT cause leaks.... that IS a wives tail. I use synthetics in all my vehicles, and love it, if for no other reason peace of mind and longer oil-change intervals! :thumb:

Just picked up a case of AMSOIL, expensive, but top of the line! :wink[3]:
I run 5w40 all year long. It does great. I also run 2 stroke all year long. I usually put in like 20 oz per tank. Some prefer to run it at 1oz per gallon, but I haven't noticed a difference running a bit less. I don't run any additives in the winter either. The 2 stroke seems to take care of that. Now, it doesn't get -20 cold, but it still gets cold here.
Ya my truck is kind of a pain in my a$$ in the winter times up here in Montana if I don't have the opportunity to plug it in at night. So I've been thinking about switching to 5W-40 at least so it will hopefully help a little bit when it's colder. How much of a difference did you guys see in the single digits when trying to start your truck?

Basically when it's cold it's harder to get oil to the injectors which actuates them right?
Also what brands are you running for 2-stroke oil?

I have a 2-stroke kx250 so I'm pretty familiar with different types, but surely you wouldn't have to run the same expensive racing formula right.
Go with a good 5-40, run 5,000k intervals and never look back. Especially where you live, you will really notice the difference in cold starting. I don't ever plug mine in and it starts with no 'romp' on the rare 10 degree day we have here in WA. I think I'd still be plugging her in if it was much colder than that, synth or not. I like Shell Rotella, 19 bucks a gallon. I get great oil analysis results with 5k intervals. I wouldn't go much beyond that. You will have no leaks because of the switch. Runs smoother, quieter even. Maybe a touch better mpg... you can't go wrong.

I don't run 2 stroke oil, sometimes just some diesel keen or staynadyne if I have it but not that often.

Good luck - :icon_ford:

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