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I posted this down in the Texas chapter also

Just a quick note to the guys out here in W Texas that there's a pull in Sweetwater tonight. It actually was a two night event (Fri & Sat) and my F-450 was the only diesel pu to pull in the "local diesel" class last night ( :dunno: I WON!!!! LOL).

If you guys want to come over and hook for fun it cost 30 bucks and it goes to the Trent FFA

Tractors will start pulling around 7:00

Last night the event started @ 8:00 and was over at around 11:30

I'm prolly heading back over there this evening & going to try to pull my GMC 4500 4X4

There's not much info on the web about where the pull is at. It's just north of the Sweetwater Coliseum, Newman Park


It's not often that you can come hook to a sled that you don't have to drive 250 miles from Midland. If you bust something at this one it's only a hunard miles back home. LOL
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