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Here are the parts I bought seprate over time for my excursion that I will be doing soon. I will be doing the "B" rear spring mod that every one recommends

F250 rear leaf springs Craigslist: $75

F550 "X" code front leaf springs ebay: $175 shipped

Welded 4" rear blocks powder coated ebay: $65 shipped

3" mini spring pack for the front ebay: $120 shipped

Custom adjustable front track bar ebay: $120 shipped

(4) blistien shocks: $300+- shipped

Longer rear U-bolts: $49 shipped

That's a 4" lift for around $900-$1,000. It high enough to run 35" tires.

Are you happy with your lift on the Excursion? Would you change anything I'm looking to do something like this to mine.

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You would save money and hassle just buying a complete kit from a reputable company. BDS, Zone, Superlift,Carli,Rough Country etc.

The X code springs are for a snow plow package so they will ride a little rougher than OEM springs or aftermarket springs designed for a lift. People have to make a choice though. Do you want softer ride/reduced towing performance or stiffer ride and almost normal towing performance with most leaf spring set ups.

Also the 3in "mini spring pack" for the front will make the Excursion ride like JUNK! The mini packs are just the super affordable way to raise a vehicle that borders on copying some crazier old shcool front lift kit blocks... Do yourself a huge favor and buy a complete kit from a reputable company. Most don't succeed in piece kits if you research them more on this forum.

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I vote for Old Man Emu at the link below. Not my idea originally. I copied a guy on Instagram and it is a bolt on affair. The leaf packs are thinner leaves of 5 or 7 leaves per pack to allow for a softer ride over packs with 2 - 3 thick leaves. I added one overload leaf for the rear as well just to keep the weight capacity the same ish. Add the sway bar links at the second link and you have a pretty smooth riding Excursion. It is still a firm 3/4 ton leaf sprung truck but it doesn't bounce over bumps or rattle your teeth out and does give me confidence going down the road. Picture below for example of how it sits. 285/75R18 Falken AT3 tires as well.

Mine had a Rough Country front spring pack plus blocks and a big block for the rear before OME. It was stiff and bounced all over after a few bumps. OME is night and day better than what was there.

I couldn't justify a $10,000 Carli suspension because I'm not off road that much really. This is my compromise for budget and still functional.

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