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2003 6.0L Excursion, 198k, new engine wiring [email protected], (Bulletproof EGR, ARP Studs, New Oil Cooler at about 110k) New HPOP @ 120k, new injectors @160k, Banks 6 gun, Big Hoss exhaust kit, Air intake. In CA so still running EGR. Otherwise stock.

Running and working great, then rough idle, surging and difficult to drive, very loud. Put a reader on it (torque). Check Engine light on throwing these codes

P2286: Injector Control Pressure Sensor Circuit High
P2287: Injector Control Pressure Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P2623: Injector Control Pressure Regulator Circuit/Open

ICP was going up/down from 2.0-4.7
FICM 54.5
FICM synch 1.0
HPOP 875-1200
IPR 28%-?

So I replaced the ICP (what a pain, already had replaced it twice. Been running the 04 and up ICP)

Wires looked great. no oil on connector. installed the new ICP and no change, no improvement. ICP Voltage still goes up and down. all other readings pretty much the same, still the same codes.

The pigtail for the ICP looked good. Pretty sure I made a good connection back to the new ICP.

Pulled the old ICP and unfortunately dropped it and couldn't find it. Lost somewhere in the engine compartment. Looked everywhere for it. Hopefully came off and fell out during test drive. But I can't tell you what it looked like, sorry.

I am kind of at a loss. Seems like it is still a bad ICP, although having it surge while driving and having the tow/haul light blink at me seems weird.

Could it be a bad connector or pigtail? Like I said when I looked at it, I didn't see anything that gave me concern. Could I have not connected it properly? Or did I just luck out and get a bad ICP?

Love to hear your thoughts, I am stumped.


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Multiple problems sounds like
pull the plastic off the steering column and look close at the tow haul harness where it exits the shifter
could be the control voltage is getting shorted down and causing the other problems

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Following up. I replaced the ICP, no change. So I broke down and took it into a shop. He replaced the ICP and checked the harness, no change. He then disconnected my Banks 6 gun (one of the original 6 guns) changing all wiring back to factory and it ran perfect. All problems solved.

So I contacted Banks. It is so old that they cannot even test it. They were very nice about it though and even though it is no longer under warranted, offered to cut about 1/3 of the price off a new tuner that would almost plug right in, where my current tuner resides.

My question is if I am starting over (so to speak) what is the best tuner for a CA Smog vehicle?

Any opinions?
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