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Super squeky front end when hubs are locked

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my 02 f350 has a gnarly squeak/grinding type noise coming from the front end when my hubs are both locked. does anyone have any idea what it could be??
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Could be you hub Berring assembly good thing to check is it only when locked
Agree, sounds like you need to check your hubs and hub bearings. Something could need some grease or worse and could be failing.
well i just put some new hubs in there. when i lock both hubs and spin the wheels it sounds like its coming from the axel. uh oh what coudl that be? it drives completly fine in 4 wheel drive it just kinda seems like it needs some grease somewhere in the front. is there anywhere i can put grease in the front differential or is that a big process?
Well the axel shafts just pull out after you pull the Berring out but they are basically free floating. Hmmm you said you put new hubs in just curious the 3 washers did you put them in the right order when they were put back on also how bout the plastic thrust washer like all the internal did you reuse them. Just for giggles is jack up the front end and do a 12 and 6 test on both tires you say it is def both though right.
well i just put warn hubs in them. i litterly just swapped the stock hubs for the warn ones i didnt do anything else. I know its not the hubs themselves it sounds like its coming from the driveline though not the hubs
But there really isn't much on the drive line in the front un less you are grinding the gears on axel to the hogs head
you cant feel a grind or anything though. i am starting to think it could be the bearings that you were talking about or the axle shaft might need some grease or something. there is no squeak or nothin when the hubs are unlocked and it drives smoothly. hell it drives smoothly when they are locked it just squeaks
Could it be the universal joint's in the front axles, either needing greased or replaced. I just changed my front bearings,and upper and lower ball joints on my 2000 f-350 and the u-joint in the axles on both sides were bad so those were changed too.
alright thanks for the info, ill have to check that out. thanks everyone!
Grease the front end see if that helps
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