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Has anyone ells had problems with there sunroof braking.. I am speaking of the moving parts in the rails getting of rail or getting in a bind and braking.. Or the sunshade getting on the wrong side of the bar that moves it so it closes when the sun roof closes and when the sunroof opens you have to push it back.. and when it is like that it will not close all the way..

Mine is currently stuck open with somthing off track.. This is the 3rd time my sun roof have ben messed in in the one and a half years i have owned it..

The first time something got off track and broke.. just hit the open button Snap crakal pop.. was like huuu closed it opent it again snap crakal pop stuck open. and it is like an act of god to find somone besides the dealership to work on it.. I walked in the dealership and they are like well those really don't brake.. well come out and look at mine it is broke yea for 90 dollars then they will put in a new one for me or 1100 worth of parts.. I found a guy who said he would work on them and got it closed for me.. I looked and found the parts i thought where messed up went to ford.. and there are no parts to be had just one $1100 sunroof kit... i looked on ebay and found a repair kit with the parts i needed for $110 dollors and the guy fixed it for me for $250 for a mornings work.

4 months latter the problem the sunshade problem i described erlyer i figgerd it out pity fast.. i just had to push my sunshade back real fast after i hit my open button ..

then today i got distracted and did not get my sunshade pushed back before it got to the back and it was backwards again.. not to big a deal.. i got home got my special tool to fix it (a big T square ) got it moved back in place went to open it again just to be sure SNAP CRACKAL POP stuck open about 30 min before dark.. WTF

the pisseer it i bought the truck because it had a sunroof!! and that seems to be the bigest problem on my truck.. 1egr valve 1 egr coller and 3 messed up sun roofs.. anyone ells havening problems with theres?
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