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stupid injector swap question

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im hoping to not have to change anything anytime soon. with some luck maybe i can get some cash together to invest in some new injectors next year. i needed to have one replaced a few months ago, i know at least one more was changed by the P.O. years ago, AND a diagnostic had once come back saying #5 needed to be changed also. another mechanic pulled the VC and said it was ok.. (when he looked at it, but we all know how tempermental they can be) NOW - ive had a few mornings were there is obviously a miss that goes away after a minute or two.

in the meantime - ive dumped some cleaner in my fuel hoping that itll help free my sticking injector. i actually have a case of additive laying around so maybe ill start using it every other or every 3rd tank for a while. any harm in doing that?

anyway - my real question is - just in case i need to replace another injector in the meantime, is it just as simple as pull one out, put one in? or do i need to clean the sleeve inside first? do orings sometimes break off when you pull an injector out? do you need to coat the new stuff with oil before installing? is there anything else inside that needs to be removed when i yank the old one out other than what on the injector?

the last one was changed while the truck was in the shop for another issue, so ive never had a chance to do one myself. id just like to know ahead of time so im not clueless when the day comes.
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At work so I don't have time to type out a response.
Check out this link to the FoMoCo factory service manual.
You might have to navigate to find the page. Should be:
Engine -> Fuel Charging and Controls, 7.3L Diesel -> Fuel Injector
Hope this helps.
thanks - i dont think the link made it on the post though. - no rush.
Simple answer would be.. If you have a issue with A injector and know what one it is.. Pull the valve cover, pull the injector, suck out the oil from cylinder than the oil leaked in from pulling Injector. Clean out the hole(inspect Injector cup while injector pulled) put new orings on new injector installing, dip the injector in oil to lube up orings and install.

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Put the link in on edit. Swear to god this damn job is making me lose my mind
ok- in the manual it says to clean out the sleeve with a shop towel, and then to use a (wire?)brush to clean the sleeve out. do most guys usually use a brush to clean the sleeve? dont know if that sounds like a great idea....
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