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So, for all of you guys that have a sticky brake issue, I have a possible free fix. I just changed out my front rotors and pads. I did the rear a few weeks ago, but the pads looked good up front. A shake just started up when I brake at speed. Knowing the rears to be good I went ahead and did the front.

One of my slider pins (that's the name for them today since I'm brain farting proper terminology) was stuck in a bad way. I wasn't even able to get the caliper off until I took apart the whole assembly. I thought I just had a bad angle with my clamp. So I go through the process get everything changed out and cleaned up. I went to reinstall the caliper and I couldn't. Further investigation showed the slider pin wouldn't budge. Not it, not out.

I used the clamp on it, nothing. I beat it with a hammer, nothing. I tried beating it out with a punch, nothing.

Kinda pissed me off, but some back and forth work with a 13/16 open end wrench and pressing with the punch got it out. It took a good 15 minutes, once I got a system down. Total time on that side was about 45 minutes. Yeah, happy times. Anyhow, I got the pin out, cleaned them both up with a wire wheel, then cleaned out the hole with a bore brush from my gun cleaning kit. .45 brush was a tight fit, but working it around got everything cleaned up. Turned the boots inside out and cleaned the old gunk off. Greased everything up and it all slid nice and easy.

While I didn't have sticky brakes, I could see that being a contributor. It was certainly a contributor to my shaking, as that is now fixed.
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