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Hey all... got an interesting puzzle...

Last weekend a buddy and I went about 4 hours away to go 4 wheeler/quad riding... took the F-350 with bike on it, and the 12' box trailer, with another bike, grill, genirator, air compressor, every tool known to man, every thing but a battery charger.

Finished ridin' sunday night, hooked up the truck and trailer, loaded everything, and took off. Drove an hour, stoped for a bite to eat, shut down, started up fine. Nother hour or so, stoped at a rest area, run to cool down, but shut down, started back up fine. about 20 minutes later, I notice the battery light come on, head lights are getting dim. Kept drivin', found a gas station to pull over, it's 1:30 AM, we're totaly beat, shut down the truck, batteries are dead as $h!t by now... slept till daylight.

I had the top alt replaced about a month ago... from an advance, and there happened to be one a block away from where we were. Found some tools, pulled the alt, walked to advance, they tested it, it's ok. Walk back, put the alt back on, stand by the road with some jumper cables in hand, few minutes later a kid on his way to school pulled in an gave me a jump... took a few minutes to charge, but fired up... ran another hour or so to home, daylight now, don't need the head lights. Seemed to charge, shut it down, started right back up, and has been fine ever since.

Why would it just stop charging, and then just start again? Surely, the lights on the trailer are not too much of a load the dang thing has 2 alts! The trailer lights seem to work ok, are in good repair, and should blow fuses first if there were problems I would think...? Why run fine for 2 hours, and then just stop?

Any ideas? I'm puzzled.... and a little afraid to drive my truck at night with out a battery charger to go with the genirator in the trailer!
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