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stop safely now oil

Hello Strokers. I need some advice. I am on my third power stroke. This one has everything I ever dreamed of and I thought I would keep it till I died. Its a 2011 F350 4x4 crew cab King ranch Powerstroke, with every bell and whistle I never needed. Only has 52k on it. I took it to the Ford Dealership in El Paso today for an oil change. Drove it a mile down the road and bought 75 gallons of diesel to fill up the main tank and the aux tool box tank and started the 120 mile trip home. At 44 miles I lost all power, the check engine light came on and a message "stop safely now" came on. Turn the key, it wont turn over. Checked the oil level and its below the dipstick. THere are no oil leaks and it has a new filter, I am assuming the dealer either forgot to add any oil or just put in a few quarts like a gas engine. The dealer sent out a tow truck after a nearly three hour wait. Im stuck in El Paso for a night. I am sure that once they add oil it will start right up, but how much damage has been done to the motor?
Does the failsafe shut down prevent any damage or just prevent it from a total blown engine? I am sure the dealer will tell me its ok, but how can I tell if its been damaged?
If you were in my shoes, what demands would you make of the dealership?
I really appreciate any input.
its going to be a Sleepless Night in El Paso!
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