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Hi Guys,
I have some items that I just noticed were gone in Chicagoland.

2008 build 6.4 complete motor

both turbos, recently cleaned and rebuilt. look brand new in black plastic tubs with yellow lids

manual 4x4 transmission

clutch kit

extra wire harness

polished up pipes without egr

flo-pro egr delete kit.

lots of little stuff....

Trans and motor are not on the hot list yet. Waiting to hear from detectives, beat officer basically told me good luck..
Truck was found in tow yard, have not seen it yet but the guy told me it was stripped. Parts may have been sold as long as 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated, would also be interested in buying my parts back if someone got some killer deals on my stuff.

The one hope would be the trans since the manuals are pretty rare out there...

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3 - 4 weeks, not months. (Had to go back and re-read that, lol)

That sucks man. I HATE THIEVES. There's nothing more violating feeling that realizing that you've had someone going through your sh*t, and taking what they want.

I hope you can get some of your stuff back, and I REALLY hope you find who did it and can get them in a jail cell with a big angry bald guy nicknamed "The Skull Artist."

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I wish I had the cash to go with Corey at CNC Fab. Instead I was slowly was gathering parts here and there.
Cops don't give a **** basically laughed at me. Now doing the insurance battle.

Motor stolen, Trans stolen, transfer case stolen. Not to mention the original items on the list above.

The transmission stamp is 7C34-7003-FC this is STOLEN. They have not made it onto the hot list yet because Cook County is in their own world.....

I have been doing my own detective work and I am loosing faith in humanity, every person I talk to has a different story and they all are pointing at someone else.

On a side note, anyone have a newer model diesel F350 for sale? If my insurance pays I will be saying goodbye to 6.4 forever!!!!

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Pictures from the impound yard. They bought it out on a giant set of forks with a front wheel loader. Forks were up into the box, if it wasn't going to be totaled it would have been after that ride....


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