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Sticker Ordering Thread

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I need to know ASAP who wants a sticker and how many. I will post what they look like tomorrow.

Goose350 - 2
crew991 - 2
GoFastPadre - 2
chvyrkr81 - 1
SixStringMadness - 2
NIT2WN - 2
dbkerley - 1
Alabamafrog - 2
jdstroker6.0 - 2
Cowford Skywalker - 2
redneckabbott - 1
diesel73junkie - 2

It looks even better in person! I have 21 available, but Goose has spoken for 2 so that leaves 19. The price is $7.50. The Logo's are actually $7 and the extra is for what PayPal charges. Please send payments

Barry Clapp [email protected] via PayPal

I know some do not do PayPal and I completely understand, because I have in the past and never will again. The $880 clip taught me a lesson, so I will accept money orders on Barry's behalf anf give them to him to cash. The price is the same across the board too, it will keep down confusion. I will mail you your stickers asap, so e-mail me your address when payment is made and they will go out the next day. Barring any major complications. :thumb: You can als wait for the GTG and get them then.
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Just found this do I go about getting my stickers? My truck is curently stickerless!
I definitely want 2 when they're ready to be sold!
Good deal, Thanks Goose
I'll be glad to get mine, my truck is currently stickerless and advertising for no-one. lol
I'd love to have some DP, Quadzilla, etc. stickers. Since those items came on the truck, I didn't get the stickers. I look bone!
I wouldn't put decals of performance parts on the truck. That way you have the element of surprise with your sleeper
That's very true.
But, I seem to have bad luck. It seems like when I'm going somewhere, the traffic going in the same direction is a bunch of little cars, etc.
Look in the other lanes, and there are a bunch of trucks going along.....:tard:
I can't use my sleeper ability against a mini-van...:hehe:
Wow~! Those look awesome. Could I get one at the Knoxville G2G, or is it advised to just order em?
I will have both Dixie Strokers and Tennessee Powerstrokes Logo's with me at both GTG's so you can wait till then if you want, but e-mail me your address and I will send you the Dixie Strokers Logo. I do not have any of the Tennessee powerstrokes one right now. My e-mail address is [email protected]
I've not paid for em yet Chris, I'm not keen on Paypal, I don't do much online ordering.
Ive spent way to much money over the intraweb :doh:
I try to spend my money with local business', but sometimes it's unavoidable to order stuff online.
I'm just not familiar with paypal..I've used it a few times, but never via e-mail.
There isnt enough diesel fanatics around here to be able to buy stuff at local businesses
I haven't bought much stuff for it so far. But, I actually have a local place that I'm gonna get all of my stuff thru. I didn't know it was there until about a month ago, but I'm glad it is!:thumb:
Are yall having any trouble ordering the stickers?
I haven't ordered any, I'm planning on getting mine at the East TN g2g in a couple of weeks! Can't wait for em', they look awesome!
I have all the logo's that have been printed in my posession, we except for the 4 I mailed out.
Are you still going to have some of the TN & Dixie stickers at the Knoxville
g2g on the 23rd?
I'll get mine then if you will.
Awesomeness! I'll definitely take some of em off your hands!
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