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Sticker Ordering Thread

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I need to know ASAP who wants a sticker and how many. I will post what they look like tomorrow.

Goose350 - 2
crew991 - 2
GoFastPadre - 2
chvyrkr81 - 1
SixStringMadness - 2
NIT2WN - 2
dbkerley - 1
Alabamafrog - 2
jdstroker6.0 - 2
Cowford Skywalker - 2
redneckabbott - 1
diesel73junkie - 2

It looks even better in person! I have 21 available, but Goose has spoken for 2 so that leaves 19. The price is $7.50. The Logo's are actually $7 and the extra is for what PayPal charges. Please send payments

Barry Clapp [email protected] via PayPal

I know some do not do PayPal and I completely understand, because I have in the past and never will again. The $880 clip taught me a lesson, so I will accept money orders on Barry's behalf anf give them to him to cash. The price is the same across the board too, it will keep down confusion. I will mail you your stickers asap, so e-mail me your address when payment is made and they will go out the next day. Barring any major complications. :thumb: You can als wait for the GTG and get them then.
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I'll take 1 for now. Might hit you up for another when the Mrs get's her OBS.
Lol Crystal has a on her Pontiac:rofl:
I was gonna put a TN PSD's sticker on Nancy's jeep.

But I really really hate her Dodge. I mean Jeep. I mean Chrystler.
Dang, I just realized Crystal has a Org sticker on a government motors car:doh::doh:
i should be ashamed of all of you for doing that to a good sticker
do they cost anything?
Yep, not sure on the price just yet. Where are you from?
i know he is charging 7.00 for the tenn ones plus shipping i think but goose will know more probly tomorrow
I just got a email from Barry and he said he will get everything finished this weekend. How long does it take him to print them out?
it took him like 5 minutes to print 4 of them for us as demos but he laminates them after and they have to sit for 24 hours to dry so i would say if he prints say 1 of them saturday ithey would be ready monday
Sounds good. I am going to see if he will mail me one to see in person. I would just like them done before the g2g so that way we wouldnt have to ship them if you still dont mind picking them up for us
Got the list updated guys. I should have a pic of what the sticker looks like this weekend
got it updated
got it :thumb:
got it updated
I am meeting with the Graphics guy tomorrow and I will post an actual rendering of the logo and a pic of it on my truck.:thumb:
Good deal. Let me know how it goes.
Sweet. Im excited. Thanks for helping us out Chris.
Did you meet with him GFP?
Awesome. I cant wait. Thanks Chris
Did you talk to him Chris?
We havent ordered them yet. When they are ready you will buy them directly from the guy who is making them. So just tell him how many you want.
Bueller? Buller? Bueller?
The stickers are not ready yet but when they are you will order them directly from Barry, the guy who is making them. I will give out his contact info when the time comes.
I'll be glad to get mine, my truck is currently stickerless and advertising for no-one. lol
Hmm... I am advertising the Org and Trijicon
The stickers are not ready yet but when they are you will order them directly from Barry, the guy who is making them. I will give out his contact info when the time comes.
I just saw this. So how do I get these. PLEASE!!!! lol I am definatly getting 2 for both my trucks. But if it looks good i may put one on my race car (02 Mustang GT 545 BB 950 RWHP on motor).
See above. When they are ready I will send out some PMs with how to get them.
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