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Sticker Ordering Thread

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I need to know ASAP who wants a sticker and how many. I will post what they look like tomorrow.

Goose350 - 2
crew991 - 2
GoFastPadre - 2
chvyrkr81 - 1
SixStringMadness - 2
NIT2WN - 2
dbkerley - 1
Alabamafrog - 2
jdstroker6.0 - 2
Cowford Skywalker - 2
redneckabbott - 1
diesel73junkie - 2

It looks even better in person! I have 21 available, but Goose has spoken for 2 so that leaves 19. The price is $7.50. The Logo's are actually $7 and the extra is for what PayPal charges. Please send payments

Barry Clapp [email protected] via PayPal

I know some do not do PayPal and I completely understand, because I have in the past and never will again. The $880 clip taught me a lesson, so I will accept money orders on Barry's behalf anf give them to him to cash. The price is the same across the board too, it will keep down confusion. I will mail you your stickers asap, so e-mail me your address when payment is made and they will go out the next day. Barring any major complications. :thumb: You can als wait for the GTG and get them then.
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I'll take 1 for now. Might hit you up for another when the Mrs get's her OBS.
I was gonna put a TN PSD's sticker on Nancy's jeep.

But I really really hate her Dodge. I mean Jeep. I mean Chrystler.
I'm a rolling billboard.

But somebody lied to me. All those stickers didn't do anything for my rwhp...

So I'm gonna take 'em all off and go "sleeper" again. Except I have a sleeper that hate's wakin up lol.
Are yall having any trouble ordering the stickers?
Haven't even tried yet. Kinda tryin to squirrel every dollar away I can to get this truck done.
Good deal. I recon we should probably actually give him some business, since Chris and Robbie worked hard with him to get it all set up lol.
1 - 7 of 93 Posts
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