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Stepping Down

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Well guys. As much as I hate to say it I do not need to be the Director of the Dixie Strokers anymore. I am super busy with work and my life right now. I feel as if someone else can be more devoted to give this place what it needs.

Another reason for this is there seems to be no interest in the chapter from anyone. This thread was started three weeks ago in our section and not a single person from Alabama has replied.

Post in this thread your nominations for Director, Assistant Director and Historian (if we even have enough active members). I will not be accepting any nominations for any positions.

PM sent to the Membership so everyone will see this.
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I to have been busy, I work all day and do paperwork all night. Running a business is a real challenge. I do not have time to look for new posts, I do good just to keep up with the AL and TN chat threads. I would have never seen this thread if Goose hadn't PM'd me about it.
Maybe it has to do with the current economic conditions. Seems like a few years ago there were lots of folks (myself included) with nothing better to do with their spare cash than build up a smoke blowing diesel truck. Now it seems like there is a combination of a lot less spare cash and more prudent ways of spending it, like beans and bullets. That combined with $4 a gallon diesel and that is staying higher than gasoline.
I'm not going to Beans dyno day for a combination of the above reasons and a few years ago I wouldn't have thought twice about going.
I know I don't got time, I barely can make time to check for new posts to old threads everyday.
I barely have time everyday to check in and see if any of the old posts have been added to, I haven't checked for new posts in months. This running a business and doing all the work work and office/paperwork by myself takes up all my time these days.
And old Purple, she's being difficult. How the fix coming?
Far as I know they haven't touched her yet, I have been by there twice to inquire about it and the owner was gone both times. I got to make time to go by there again soon and either get the ball rolling or try somewhere else, which is a real pain that I do not have time for.
I aint even had time for tractor shows!
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