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Steering woes

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I’ve look on here trying to find somewhere on here with a similar setup. Ok. Just purchased an 06/07 6.0 dually with 172k on the clock. I’ve had it alil over a month now. It’s has a 8-10” lift 24.5” Alcoa wheels with 285/75r/24.5 semi tires. Also it just got inspected and passed at the beginning of the month. All my steering components looked great that were inspected. I’ve even gave them a look over and did a lot of pulling on the components to makes sure things were tight. However my steering wheel has a lot of play which is frustrating. The play started out from what I measured was about 3-4”. I’ve adjusted the steering box and maybe got alil out. I’ve done some research of upgrading steering box to red or blue head. However they have there issues also, I just don’t want to waist money on something I don’t need. I’m definitely open to any suggestions if anyone has a similar setup or knows someone that can help me clear this up. I know a lift has affects on the truck. However I see so many lifted trucks I can’t imagine everyone has steering issues. I greatly appreciate everyone’s responses.
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Just put a blue top on mine (with stock wheels). Too early to tell on reliability. But so far, very happy with the tight feel the steering has again.
You will need a 1-13/16" socket and a decent pitman arm removal tool. Out of the local parts stores, Autozone was the only one that had a tool that would barely fit. Hopefully that saves you some time.
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Glad you got it done. If you still have play, it must be in some of the linkage that's worn (tie rod ends, ball joints, etc.) Mine's as tight as a straight man's buttox in prison
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