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I have a 1997 F250 PS that someone vandalized. They broke the window and steering column tilt frame. Before I replaced the steering column, I could start the truck by manually pushing on the ignition switch linkage (the linkage was exposed). After replacing the steering column with a column from a 94 gas model, and using the original key cylinder the starter won't engage. The key turns fine and all the lights come on okay (including the wait-to-start light), but the starter solenoid doesn't engage. I noticed that the steering electrical harness had a green/yellow stripe wire that broke off the harness plug connector during the repair. I reconnected it where it it seemed to go, yet still no go.

?? - Is there a difference in the steering column wiring of a Powerstroke and a gas engine model?

?? - Where can I get a wiring diagram to troubleshoot the wiring?


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