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stacking tunes?

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Hey guys, just a question. I have a diablo preditor tune, it works pretty well, Im just curious if I can purchase a Bullydog tune, and install it on my truck without taking the other tune out. And will I notice a decent power upgrade?
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Listen here!! First off you and a handful of other azzhatz on this forum better learn how to read and not start pulling chit like this! Never once have I made a remark naming or singling out the OP or the person who starts talkin chit or pickin a fight with me. Also, NEVER HAVE I CALLED ANYBODY A DEROGITIVE NAME!!!! It was never even implied that you spent your parents money or what you've done to make your life. SO DON'T PULL CHIT OUT OF CONTEXT OR MAKE FALSE ASSUMPTIONS!!!

Now this is directed to you the OP, this advice will be givin to by all members of this site. If the lame brain at the shop you mentioned offered a try it before you buy it kind of sales pitch in regards to stacked chips,,,,,RUN!!!They shouldn't be trusted with an oil change on a Honda Civic. Since you've been around the hotrod scene a while and you don't mention anything about stacking chips on your 600hp Stang, then what makes you think that perposterous pipe dream applies to a compression ignition engine????
:rofl: hahahaha wow thats funny. anyone else want pics of that stang? I DO!
dang im glad i asked for pics now! those things are friggin shweet! nice cars dude! back to topic, get ya a sct x3 with some custom tunes from innovative diesel or gearhead, they will wake that truck up like you wouldnt believe!
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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