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stacking tunes?

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Hey guys, just a question. I have a diablo preditor tune, it works pretty well, Im just curious if I can purchase a Bullydog tune, and install it on my truck without taking the other tune out. And will I notice a decent power upgrade?
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I stacked a triple dog over my sct running the SRL+ and all I can say is wow. I did it for one race and took it back off but it was unbelievable the difference it made on my truck. It blacked the road out behind me too when I got in it, but a truck that consistentally beat me 2 truck lengths, when I double stacked it I beat him by 3
But let me add, if you do double stack, Only tune your transmission with one of them, and use the other one for nothing but straight fuel, and only drive with one of them on unless you are racing then run em both
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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