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stacking tunes?

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Hey guys, just a question. I have a diablo preditor tune, it works pretty well, Im just curious if I can purchase a Bullydog tune, and install it on my truck without taking the other tune out. And will I notice a decent power upgrade?
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You'll have one seriously F'd up truck. Try an SCT programmer with custom tunes and you'll be alot happier and so will your truck.

That bullydog is gonna eat your tranny too
Carguy, Nice mustangs man, I have an 89 Fox body Thats street fast but not over 600HP fast. Nice rides man :thumb:

And fordFan I can black out a road with my looney tune(and stock injectors) easy :dunno: i also have a 6spd though.... Lugging Vs. WOT run i believe is the difference
Hey man did you get me that video yet:poke
I understand where your coming from, and i agree If he blacked out the road at WOT with the turbo spooled up something is wrong...
they will cancel each other out... stacking is useless on a powerstroke....i recommend this: SCT X3 Custom Innovative Diesel Tunning
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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