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We have the new SRP1.1 in lifetime warranty.
We also can provide new IPR's..

PM if you would like pricing.


This new pump has been in development for over a year now and is finally ready for release. The Stealth SRP1.1 pump is designed for the 94.5' to 03' 7.3L Powerstroke engines. The Stealth SRP1.1 pump is a Stock Replacement Pump that will give you Stage I performance in a stock pump housing! We have addressed all of the stock HPOP housing flaws while at the same time increasing internal displacement by almost 37%! This is an increase of over twice the displacement that our competitors are offering in their pumps! These new pumps have all new internal components for a reliable operation. Inside these new pumps there are all new larger billet pistons and cylinder block combined with a new 17-degree billet swash plate that still retains stock reliability while increasing displacement by almost 37%! With the new larger pistons and new swash plate we have managed to increase displacement to 9.75cc vs. the stock 6.8cc or 7.2cc pumps. All pumps are designed with dual ABEC-5 ball bearings for added stability during operation instead of a rear bronze bushing like the stock late model pump uses. All of the snap rings, o-rings, and seals are new. We have replaced the rear cover tapered section snap ring with a spiral lock retaining ring to ensure a that the rear cover and internal rotating group stays in place. A new billet rear cover is installed that has a raised o-ring boss that will eliminate all rear cover leaks associated with factory pumps. We have machined the 3 high-pressure output ports from #6ORB fittings to #8ORB fittings resulting in twice the thread surface area, which means no more stripped or blown out fittings. We have also machined the edge filter plug in the bottom of the pump and taken it from a #3ORB fitting to a #6ORB fitting resulting in twice the thread surface area. We also machine some of the internal passages to ensure proper flow in and out of the pump. These new Stealth SRP1.1 Stage I pumps housings are bead blasted and coated with a ceramic base high temperature aluminum paint. The front mounting gasket surface area is re-machined flat to ensure a leak free installation. Every pump is then shipped with a new mounting gasket and new IPR valve o-rings. Stealth SRP1.1 Everything else is still stock!

The SRP1.1 was designed for those of you running just about any size "A-code" injector. We recommend this pump for trucks running up to your average stage II non-hybrid injector or stage III 300cc "A-code" hybrid injector. This pump utilizes the factory IPR valve and mounting gasket. Our pumps feature a IPR filter screen to prevent IPR valves from sticking and fouling. These pumps are an axial 7 piston pump design. Our pistons are larger than stock and that is how we increase our displacement. Stealth is the only HPOP company that is manufacturing larger pistons and new cylinder blocks. Some of our competitors are increasing displacement by adding swash plate angle. SRP1.1 pump retain the stock 17 degree swashplate for ultimate reliability. We have engineered this pump with the highest grade materials available. These pumps are built to last. Our pumps are one of the most streetable and reliable pumps on the market. We feel that our new SRP1.1 pumps are so reliable that we are backing them with a industry first Limited Lifetime Warranty**. Our warranty covers the entire pump unlike some competitors products that only cover non-moving parts. These pumps will fit a 95' to 03' Ford Super Duty with no modifications what so ever. The SRP1.1 pumps are shipped with a new pump mounting gasket and new IPR valve o-rings.
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