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Spring G2G, 2/27/2010

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The date of the Spring G2G is Feb. 27th. This is the last Saturday of the month.

Moody, Al city park is the location of the get together.

Here is the address to CVS pharmacy which is right beside where we will be. PM Me if you need directions.

2848 Moody Parkway
Moody, AL 35004


Alabamafrog- maybe 2
bugolini - 1
famousamos0901 - 1
as6.4stroke - 1
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I just got the windows tinted, can't roll them down til Thursday. I don't see that being a problem, even next month at this rate. I say we move the g2g to Gulf Shores, maybe it will be above freezing.
i agree with this.

its ten minutes form my house and ill pull strings and get us an awesome spot to meet up at. =] :nod:
No mudding or pulling in mine either. Thats all Bockhold. I hope the weather on the day of the G2G is like today. What a beautiful day.
we saw a pic of bockhold truck stuck bahaha.

and ill mud!
im excited, hope its not cold. mayeb some warm wil coem through after this weekend. =]
you better add me to the attending list.
wait, liz is comming? :eek:hnoes:
why yes,. why would it matter?
thanks grayson ill let u drive it someday

and idk if im coming if liz is coming :dunno:
why the hell would you not come if i come.

yall are such queers.

nice try.

but there is nothing im going to do, with you, to prove you ain't a queer.

craigslist has some nice deals.
jarrod and ashton both are not coming maybe because of me...

im so sad.
they might bust his front axle from where it is sucked down. if they yank on it enough. ive seen it happen to a jeep.

this might scare jarrod.
9 being earliest!
i like 11.
liz no one asked u
actually he did.

he stated an open question to everyone coming.

so shut up. =]
one week exactly =]
im bringin myself lol. =] and my dog possibly
how long does it take you goose to get form alexander city to where the gtg is at.
lol this is true. so 1 3/4

sounds good enough
i could take 85 to 65 up
baaha and the butt pic was posted. thanks jarrod.
i had a blast im back in florida now. such a long drive.
yea im doing my filter tomorrow guys. thanks for the help.

and haha at graysons truck being covered in sticky notes.

and why wouldnt it start? =]
you should i wanted to stay but ya......

i heard goose got hammered. =]
1 - 20 of 386 Posts
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