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Spring G2G, 2/27/2010

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The date of the Spring G2G is Feb. 27th. This is the last Saturday of the month.

Moody, Al city park is the location of the get together.

Here is the address to CVS pharmacy which is right beside where we will be. PM Me if you need directions.

2848 Moody Parkway
Moody, AL 35004


Alabamafrog- maybe 2
bugolini - 1
famousamos0901 - 1
as6.4stroke - 1
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Sounds like a plan Goose, Not sure where the park is.....but I have the GPS, never need a map. sorry semi private joke. Anyway I'm all for it, I'll get a swapout or something just let me know when. Later Whit
Oak Mountain State Park is in Pelham,Al just off of I-65.
I was thinking just for the day but whoever wanted to stay could. I doubt I will be staying since I done have a camper. It will be a little cold in a tent. But just a all day lunch thing would be good.
Would the first of March be better for you?
Okay. How does the 27th of February or the 6th of March sound? Both dates are on a Saturday. And are we good with having it at Oak Mountain or would somewhere else be better? We could even have it at a park since this will just be a day trip. A park might be easier and we wouldn't have to pay to get in like we would at Oak Mt.
Frog, Im trying to think of that park but nothing is coming to mind.

Edit: Unless its Tannehill State Park.
Ok. So how is the last Saturday in February sound?
Is February 27th good with everyone?
February 27th it is. Now, where we going to meet at?
So we have Oak Mtn., Tannehill and then we have the regular city parks. I think just meeting up at a city park would be easier.
I agree. I know oak mt is right off the interstate and so is Tannehill. The park in moody is a few miles from the Interstate but is easy to get to.
It don’t matter to me, we can have a simple meeting in a parking lot or plan out a day of activities somewhere. Whatever yall want to do.
All I know about B-ham is I make sure I’m packing and locked and loaded if I have to go near there.
Of course that is true with any city nowadays.
We will not be having it in the city. I can not stand Birmingham.
I just drove through the park here in Moody and they have a big pavilion with picnic tables. There is a nice playground right beside it and also right beside it is restrooms. The only thing it doesn't have is a grill.
Is here in Moody good with everyone or would y'all rather have it somewhere else.
It works for me Bud.
Cool. Any other takers?
I will try and make it, long as it aint too cold that day, I’m a warm weather type person.
Would you want to do it in March and try to get a somewhat warm day? I don't care when we do it I just want to make sure all of the new members can make it.
There aint nothing wrong with Feb, and maybe another in april or may?
I can’t be too picky, tractor show season will start in the spring and run through fall.
Heck maybe I could pick one of the better tractor shows and invite yall to come check it out this summer.
That would be cool. Lets just keep it on the 27th. Maybe it wont be to terribly cold.
Is Saturday the 27th of February at Moody City Park good? Speak now or forever hold your peace.
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