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Spring G2G, 2/27/2010

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The date of the Spring G2G is Feb. 27th. This is the last Saturday of the month.

Moody, Al city park is the location of the get together.

Here is the address to CVS pharmacy which is right beside where we will be. PM Me if you need directions.

2848 Moody Parkway
Moody, AL 35004


Alabamafrog- maybe 2
bugolini - 1
famousamos0901 - 1
as6.4stroke - 1
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hmm i have no idea. its 9hrs to that city. il have to see what happens
Heres my :bump: i would have to take 2 days off for this trip. So i wpuld have to know the final day pick.

And ill bring my dirty truck........:hehe:
im comming if its still in alabama. FL is too far to drive on the schedule i have next month :doh:
what do i bring?

and is there any muddin places there?
I aint goin muddin, too much work cleaning the truck back up and too hard on all the moving parts. Come to think of it I had better just eat and socialize, any pulling or racing or other showing out might cost me too much.
i have a vibration when the truck is about to shift in od and when in od at a low speed i feel it too. is it the carriage bearing?
Is it overdrive or is it when the converter locks up?
What is the tranny temp doing?
temp rarely gets off 100*. when its warm outside, never above 150*

we saw a pic of bockhold truck stuck bahaha.

and ill mud!
i dont get stuck....yet. and that wasnt much hehe
lol. my truck would be stuck in a heart beat :doh:
What do yall want to drink? Water, sprite, coke, dr.P, sweet tea??

Also what kind of snacks?
mountain dew, coke, tea, mountain dew, doctor pepper, mountain dew. did i mention mountain dew?

btw my vacation time was submitted for this gtg. so im good on the work side :woot:
:eek:hnoes: what to do till then :crazy:

whats the head count?
hey Grayson, if my trucks runnin I'll come.
if not, you come in your honda :nod:
2848 Moody Parkway
Moody, AL 35004


it's how far from Senoia to this thing?
are there gonna be girls/women here?
what vid :givemebeer:
sd chat. plus i put a link on your fb
need to meet some :nod:
wth mike! i aint gay. but then i wasnt the one who brought it did. :poke
so will i. its cold here but it aint stoppin me. im just gonna throw some extra clothes in the back :nod:
wait, liz is comming? :eek:hnoes:
i think the 6.4s are badazz trucks... the price hurts but its a really nice truck and engine.
1 - 20 of 386 Posts
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