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Spring G2G, 2/27/2010

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The date of the Spring G2G is Feb. 27th. This is the last Saturday of the month.

Moody, Al city park is the location of the get together.

Here is the address to CVS pharmacy which is right beside where we will be. PM Me if you need directions.

2848 Moody Parkway
Moody, AL 35004


Alabamafrog- maybe 2
bugolini - 1
famousamos0901 - 1
as6.4stroke - 1
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I'll show up, if we do a Saturday or so. I could burn a vacation day but I think the 1st two months are blacked out.
It won't matter if we have it on a Saturday. Worse case scenario, I'll get off at 1A.M. Saturday morning and sleep to 8 or 9 and come meet up with you guys by 11. I have just stayed up and made it fairly well.
Either date is fine right now, I'll hold out to the g2g for the Stroker logos. I've been parting with $$$$ like the Red Sea. It will give the wife time to forget a little.
I've got a cheap $25 grill I can bring and some charcoal. It's not a big one, but it should get the job done. How's the alternator/battery situation Goose?
I just got the windows tinted, can't roll them down til Thursday. I don't see that being a problem, even next month at this rate. I say we move the g2g to Gulf Shores, maybe it will be above freezing.
As cold as it is, I pull the camper for you if it's warmer down there by much. I'm assuming it's a bumper pull though since I can't remember.
After thinking a little, I was leaning on it being one, just wasn't sure.
Well, Cali is a little far off, anyway around it like converting it to the relay?
I could bring mine too, this time I bringing some utensils. Hard to cook with plastic spatula, better than nothing, but I'll know this time.
Eh, i can behave, the new tires costed too much to tear off. Well, I can try, already turned them over one time in frustration.
Just me, couldn't drag the wife if I wanted to.
Put me down for a couple, I'll pay you or Grayson just let me know, Tracy.
I still show up, just might be crashing a burger joint for food and the g2g. We could easily just take over a Mc Donalds or something.
I tried the new tires out while ago, they earned my respect. I went down the hill in 4wd and was seemingly too easy. I went back for seconds in 2wd and high centered the rear axle. Hit 4wd high and got ill after a gently try or 2 and lit into her. She came right on out slinging mud off of all 4. I left some nice ruts.
I do too, I didn't order it so I ended up with it. I not fond of the set up, but it sure beats getting out and locking them in after you decide to be stupid. I wanted 4 lo but it wouldn't engage, it's always been picky about that. It will work, just stop take your time to get it to engage. I've been leaving cow piles every where I go lately from the fender wells.
I love you guy's and girl, but 10 is about as early I want to be on a Saturday, we've got all day.
Let's just say I'll aim for 10 and actually get there before 11. Got to have time to fix some dinner on the grill.
Sorry to hear you can't make it Chris. Goose, I've heard the weather may not be as great as we're hoping. I'll still bring the grill and everything, but may also plan to just hit a drive-thru if need be. They mentioned a possibility of rain and maybe 45 at best. Worst case deal, we could just take over some local eating place's parking lot.
Yep, been changed again, should be somewhat clear and 45.
1 - 20 of 386 Posts
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