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Spring G2G, 2/27/2010

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The date of the Spring G2G is Feb. 27th. This is the last Saturday of the month.

Moody, Al city park is the location of the get together.

Here is the address to CVS pharmacy which is right beside where we will be. PM Me if you need directions.

2848 Moody Parkway
Moody, AL 35004


Alabamafrog- maybe 2
bugolini - 1
famousamos0901 - 1
as6.4stroke - 1
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So how'd it go?

I heard from a dodge guy that y'all think diablo sport is the ONLY tuner for a 7.3, Frog? That you? And that he converted at least one of y'all into a goat lover.

Also that y'all didn't like him drinkin in public lol.
I guess we just weren't cool enough for Tim. But there were plenty of strokers drinking before and with him. It wasn't Frog he was talking about. One person mentioned they have a diablo and he latched onto the comment. Lol. He just needed something to make himself feel better. :thumb:

Eh, he's an alright guy I think.

He just thought that was humorous.
1 - 3 of 386 Posts
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