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A couple weeks ago, I started my truck and it was idling rough. After about a minute, it smoothed out, and ran fine until a couple days ago.
2 days ago, I was driving slower speed and it started running rough again. When I got to a higher speed limit and stepped on the gas, it started running good again, and did the rest of the day. This morning, it started fine, ran good till I got to the first stop light, then started running rough again. When I got to my destination, put it in park and waited, it finally started running good again.
When started again, it was running rough, but smoothed out before I got out of the parking lot. Only about 1 1/2 miles from home, it went in and out of running rough a couple more times.
It hasn't had any cels or other lights come on, and my insight is showing no codes.

The truck is an 05 F350. Anything I can check/monitor with an insight or sct?

Thanks for any help and sorry for the long story.
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