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Spartan Shifting issue

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Hey guys, My brother has a 2008 F450 it has a AFE intake and full AFE straight pipe exhaust and a Spartan the is currently on the 250 tune anyways while he was driving the other day (up hill but the truck was empty) the truck as he describes seemed like it ran out of gear like it wouldn't shift he said he wasn't on it at all and after it finally did shift everything was fine and it didn't happen again. Now all the performance stuff we put on a little over a month ago and and haven't had any issues till now and he runs it on the same tune all the time driving a regular 10 miles a day max. We checked the fluid and temp. every thing is right where it should be so my questions are
1) what power range are the stock trannys good for in these trucks
2) has anyone else experienced this problem
3) what could be the cause of this
4) what does he need to fix it
Thank you for your time.
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I don't know that 10 miles is enough to get everything warm in that truck. I.e. probably not the best for longevity in it. Also there is a 210 tow tune. The 310 is a race tune and shifts very firm. If you are on the 310, drop to the 210. The trannys are strong, but they don't hold up well to stupidity (not saying you are being stupid, just staying a fact, it's just safer to run the lower tunes unless you understand the tune more).

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