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I just finished up installing my Spartan setup 75/150/210 with the Powerstroke67 Dpf/Cat delet pipe and my S&B filter.

The results?
Mileage results:
Before 10.5/17.5
After 14.5/??? (Havnt got on the hwy yet) but soon a 6K trip will post results.

Times: Have not been to the track yet.

Sound: a Little louder during idle. you can hear the turbines easier

Shifts: Sooner and tighter. But not neck breaking

Smoke: YES.

Install: The pipe was the labor part took me 2 hours. But now I bet I could do it in under 1.5 hours. in my garage not on a lift. (a lift would save me 30 mins)

Software: Install was a breeze the peeps at Spartan are the nicest they get a 10 on the 10 scale. Donna, Mick ,Angela And [email protected]

If it were not for my warranty fears I would have done it sooner.
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