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I mostly lurk this place, and I really value it. Answers to everything! So, maybe some of you are interested in this info.

I did a major fluid flush a little over a year ago, and everything went well.

I did a water pump and "dieselsite" thermo upgrade at the same time. When I did this I switched over to CAT EC1 Coolant. (Mobil Delvac 1 Coolant (Red) is the same stuff. It even says "CAT EC1" on the label. It's expensive. $20.00 a gallon. But it's rated for 300,000mi... Anyhow, it's been great. Many road trips, and I live in the city of L.A. So, this thing gets a workout. I'm not going back. No heat issues, period.

I also switched to Mobil 1 (synth) ATF. Approaching 40K on the switch and all is well. This was expensive too. But, I feel its been worth it. Smooth shifting (I don't hammer it. And I stay out of overdrive under 55mph) No heat issues either. (I have a guage.) Finally, I did the transfer case in this stuff as well, and everything is smooth there as well.

Did the diffs too. Royal Purple (synth) gear oil in both. No issues.

Oil was done during that one, but has been done since. I use ValvolinePremiumBlueExtreme (Full Synthetic 5W-40W) NAPA/Motorcraft/Mobil1 filters. I love the oil, good stuff. Cummins did all the testing when the stuff was being developed, and they put their seal of approval on every gallon.

Finally w/ regard to fuel. I have messed around w/ alot of percentages in blending. The sweet spot for me is 5% B99 and 95% Clear (#2). Best performance in mileage and the "purr" factor. From what I've learned, there's nothing better for our injectors than an infusion of 2%-5% B99.

Anyhow, it worked for me.
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