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Socket Stuck while changing glow plug

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Ok, well I ran into this problem a few days ago. As i was changing my glow plugs, as i was taking an old one out, the socket was stuck on top of the glowplug and under the lifter. After some thinking and not really many ideas, I figured bending it would snap it. So to test how much i could bend the glowplug, I put one on a vise about the same angles i was dealing with and literally bent it at a 90 degree angle. So if you run into this, bend the glowplug in the socket enough to pull it out.
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Thanks for the advice. I made up some new words when i was doing mine :)
The best option to use when changing glowplugs: Use a 10mm, 1/4-drive deepwell socket to break the plug loose. Then use a piece of flexible hose over the end of the plug to spin it out the rest of the way and remove it. Cheers!
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