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Small suspension lift kit

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Hey all.

Does anybody know of a company that makes a 1" or 1.5" suspension block spacer for the FRONT and REAR for the 2016 F-250?

I know they make these in fronts for "leveling kits" but I don't know about everyone else's truck but my stock F-250 Plat sits nearly perfectly level right from the factory. Taking a tape measure the difference is about only 1/3" higher in the back than the front.

But I want to lift the truck a tiny bit and go with 1" larger tires.
I can't seem to find a company that makes a suspension block for the front and the rear that lifts it 1" to 1.5"


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Sweet thanks.
When you say F350 rear blocks are you talking new from Ford Parts or is there a place to get them somewhere else?
I'd suggest finding a set. Dealer cost could be a tad high. People sell them here in the Classifieds, or on Craigslist. Might use the dealership for the new U-bolts. I'd have to see if I have a set.
Do you have a part number of what I'd need to search for regarding the F350 Rear Suspension Blocks?
thanks man
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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