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Sled Pull - Sept. 11th

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Midsouth Diesel Pullers is having a sled pull in Lynnville, Tn on September 11th. It is not to far from the Alabama line, just under an hour. Should be a good time for a get together with some truck fun. Anyone interested in going? I know some of the TPS guys will be there. There will also be a Dunbar's dyno there as well.

Lynnville, Tn - Google Maps

Mid-South Diesel Pullers

Attendance list:

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Anyone else going to this?
Yeah, you don't count.
another :bump:
ahh i was coming doesnt look its goign to happen this time
Bummer. Why not?
suppose to be goign to a football game that weekend and plus im trying to slack on the pulling until i get something done with the trans in my truck
Ah, I see. Im skipping that football game
As much as it pains me, I'll be skipping football as well that weekend
well i have 4 in september so im picking the 2 that my pulling team is putting on
id like to come up some time..
I will not be attending this anymore. Some stuff has come up that I cant move to another time. I am hoping to attend the following weekend at the Lincoln Co. fail. Sept. 17th
My standard joke isn't applicable anymore Grayson, I don't know what to do...
My standard joke isn't applicable anymore Grayson, I don't know what to do...
You can still say it if it makes you feel any better.
Ok, you're just a puss that's scared to pull...

Whew... I was breakin out in a sweat there. Didn't know how I was gonna pull out of that one.
Im glad you feel better. lol
i might make a apperance i think im suppose to have some guys from my pulling team come i might have them bring my truck with them.
61 - 79 of 79 Posts
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