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Sled Pull - Sept. 11th

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Midsouth Diesel Pullers is having a sled pull in Lynnville, Tn on September 11th. It is not to far from the Alabama line, just under an hour. Should be a good time for a get together with some truck fun. Anyone interested in going? I know some of the TPS guys will be there. There will also be a Dunbar's dyno there as well.

Lynnville, Tn - Google Maps

Mid-South Diesel Pullers

Attendance list:

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I want to go but my life is so crazy right now I can’t plan more than a day in advance at best. I have already missed like 5 tractor shows. Between running the business and my high maintenance woman I’m stretched pretty thin. So don’t count on me for anything in the near future.
weell get ready if she's from alabama already know it seems.mine is crazy as loon,high maintanance,phsyco woman from shelby co. i feel your pain man!!!
its more too it harley.... hes been through a lot this year.
no,no i just messin with ol'lady is crazy as chit fer real tho...
1 - 2 of 79 Posts
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